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Giving Back to Chicago Communities

Founded in 2020, Feed the Streets teams with Chicago organizations to end the epidemic of malnourishment in urban communities and to provide essential items to those in need. We work hard to ensure families in the Chicago communities have the support, food and resources for a healthy life.

It is our mission to work closely with these Chicago organizations to ensure every donation ends in the hands of those who we’re supporting, our community.

We appreciate each and every way our organization is supported through donations, volunteer work and much more. We couldn’t do this without you all and for that we’re all in this together.

You Give What You Can. Any amount helps. You submit your donation through our secure payment process, and we'll bundle it together with a week's worth of donations.
We Turn your Donations Into Action! Each week we'll use our cumulative donations to purchase groceries and essential goods and work with local Chicago organizations to distribute the items as needed.
They Get a Lifeline. Groceries, diapers, formula, anything and everything our communities need to stay nourished in these uncertain times.
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